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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Attention: All Single-Moms...

How many of you know a single-mom? How many of you “are” single-moms? Well, here’s something to help single-moms out! Precision Tune Auto Care is giving away free oil changes to single-moms for one year. Yep… you heard me right. It is a new program that they’ve started and they are doing it through the local churches. It is called Mommy Care. They are also sponsoring a help line for those moms who don’t know a thing about car care. Isn’t that great?

How did I hear about this great new program? Through my favorite radio station K-Love. Their special button, with link, is in the sidebar here on my blog. Thanks goes to them for helping to get the word out.

You can read all about it on the link below or just click on the title of this post. You can also e-mail this post right here from my blog. Use the little envelope icon. Share it with your friends, neighbors and your church. Hey… I’m a single-mom too!

Precision Tune Mommy Care Program


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