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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Mysterious Mushroom...

The power went out early yesterday evening. I don’t know when it was restored as it was still off when I went to bed. So… consequently I didn’t post. No power = no computer.

Yesterday was the third time I have been without power in the last two weeks. I know what the problem is too. There’s a tree limb crossing the power lines a few houses down from me. When a gust front comes through from these storms it makes loud popping noises, like firecrackers, then ‘poof’. The power is off for hours.

I think it would be smart to cut the tree limbs off the lines. At least it would save the company some money. If it saves the company money then maybe in return it would save me some money on my utility bill. It’s a lot cheaper to cut the tree limbs than it is to send crews out, after hours and on week-ends, to fix the problem. However, far be it for me to tell OG&E how to run their business. I only have common sense to share and that isn’t how corporations are usually run.

Now, let’s get to yesterday’s belated post.

Well, I found this GIANT mushroom at Sue’s by the garden spot. So far, I have been unable to identify it on the web. It doesn’t have any gills and it is just gigantic. I have never seen a mushroom this large in my whole life! I didn’t get home from work today until just before dark, so I didn’t get over there to check and see if it was still there… or maybe even BIGGER?!! *yikes*
I have rather large hands (about the size of an average man’s hand) and I was hoping to give you an idea of how large this thing is.
Does anyone know what kind of ‘shroom this thing is?


I think I heard some thunder. I had better shut it down now before the power goes off again.



Blogger Okiedoke said...

I can't identify it, but I wouldn't eat it.

August 23, 2005 2:22 PM  

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