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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Okay... Now I've Had It!

Thank goodness for the cute, little, red, battery-operated alarm clock that Kiana gave me. I use two alarm clocks because I am partially deaf. Amazingly enough I heard the alarm clock this morning and I woke up to darkness. Yep…you guessed it. No POWER this morning.

Boy was I *hot*! And it wasn’t due to the lack of air conditioning. My mood didn’t improve either because of the non-existence of my “morning coffee”. So, I call OG&E.

The guy answers, “OG&E Customer Service. May I help you?”

I state flatly, “My power is out. This is becoming a habit.”

Once again, I tell him about the tree limbs, the wind, how the two don’t mix, yada, yada, yada. Anyway, he says he will put it all in my report just like the last three people told me.

Today is my day off and I have a lot of *stuff* to do ON THE COMPUTER. Once again, I don’t feel that I have to explain the concept of no electricity = no computer.

Did I tell you? I go to school too, and this is my first week of the fall semester. I already have *assignments* out the “wazoo”, not counting the ultrasound class that I have to get pulled together. So this morning, I sit in my plastic lawn chair, balancing my pad of paper and book, and begin to write. I had almost a 1/3 of my homework completed “by hand” before the lights came back on. I then had to take it to my computer and type it up.

Meanwhile… a tree trimming crew showed up. I saw them trim trees behind me and my neighbor’s house but I didn’t see them trim any trees down the way. You know, where we SEE THE SPARKS FLYING! I am glad that he trimmed the limbs from my neighbor’s tree off the lines, but I am afraid that this may not solve my problem. I mentioned it to the guy, you know, about the limbs down the way. I don’t know if he has to work strictly off of a work order or what. Either way…OG&E’s number is in my cell phone now.

Today is ending up to be a good day in spite of the way it started out. I volunteer at my kids’ school and today was the boys’ first day of practice. I coach the boys’ basketball team and the track team. Carrie had her first day of volleyball practice too. Anyway, after all of the practicing was done we got home and I was able to finish up my classroom assignment. I have a big day planned tomorrow too. I have to mow the yard even if it is in the rain.

By the way, I am having some neat mushrooms come up in my yard now. The little white one has gills on the top and the bottom. The brown one looks like a hat and is really quite pretty.

I want to tell Okiedoke *thanks* for watching out for me. I gave up thinking about eating mushrooms out of my yard after doing some research on trying to identify these little buggers two years ago. I have found about 7 or 8 different varieties in my backyard alone and new ones are still popping up. During my research I ran across the highly poisonous Death Angel mushroom and thought, “Do I feel lucky?”

…not the way this week has started out I don’t.



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