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Monday, August 01, 2005

One Fish, Two Fish...

Some of the simplest pleasures of life give us the most enjoyment. Watching birds at the backyard feeders and listening to them call to each other in the early morning light. Viewing cloud formations as they form and evolve. Listening to the rain, watching lightning, and heeding the thunder. Cultivating plants and encouraging flowers to bloom and vegetables to ripen; and spying on the not-so-secret lives of aquarium fish. These things seem so elementary, but yet they give us such a peaceful and quiet joy inside. Some may view me as simple-minded, but I truly do like all of these things!

A fish tank is one of my special little activities that I enjoy. The kids think that I have a 55 gallon aquarium for them, but I have selfishly made it one of my own little hobbies. Watching fish move around and guard imaginary lines of territory and hunting every square inch of their glass enclosure is almost a hypnotic-like activity for me. I can easily loose track of time when sitting in front of the aquarium.

Fish stores are great places to go to. There are so many different varieties of fish that there isn’t any way that one retailer could showcase them all. There are cheap fish and expensive fish, large fish and small fish, nice fish and mean fish. Sounds like a few people I know. I really want to go the Oklahoma Aquarium that’s in Jenks. We have never been there and I think that it would be a really neat place to visit. Maybe the kids and I can go see it sometime soon.

I like to buy small young fish and let them grow up because it is a lot easier on my budget. There are numerous varieties of fish that live for several years. I currently only have one fish left from my original tank set up though. I have had this guy for about eight years now. The main reason I lost my other fish was when Oklahoma had that terrible ice storm in 2002 and our power was out. I didn’t have any way to keep my fish warm and so the stress of the cold, as well as the lack of their electric pump, was too much for my older pets.

There is a major drawback though to having a fish tank and that is keeping it clean. Sometimes I have a hard time getting to changing the water out and it can get a little ugly in there. Poor guys. Can you imagine living your whole life in your bathroom?

The other night I was looking at my fish and I thought, “Hey, I’ll take some pictures of my fish.” Do you know how hard it is to get a fish to sit still? Much less look at the camera and smile!? I am fortunate that I have pet fish that like me. The angel fish actually recognize who I am through the glass and come up to look at me.

I have never been one to take many pictures, but my kids bought me this little digital camera. I like it. I think the main reason I had a problem with taking pictures in the past was due mostly to cost considerations and time involvement. Digital cameras are wonderful inventions. With that said, you can assume that I am far from a professional photographer, but I hope you enjoy the pictures anyway.



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