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Friday, August 26, 2005

Sue's Story...

My neighbor Sue sent me a bunch of pictures today. She also wrote up a little story to go with them. You see, not only is Sue my neighbor, but she is also a great grandma.

Sue’s ‘kids’ love going over to her house every chance they can. My kids included! Stephanie is her granddaughter, and Stephanie, Carrie, and Parker have a tree house at Sue’s. It is a project that they have been “improving on” over the last several years. The kids have obtained many donated items to build and furnish it with and prefer to call their tree house a “Fort”.

The kids are growing up; creating numerous memories of their time together across the street. It’s the little things that they do that they’ll remember for a lifetime. It’s a simpler time of life where it doesn’t take much to bring excitement and joy into their very beings. Things like walking to the neighborhood store for bubble gum and candy, jumping on the trampoline, climbing the trees, and eating Sue’s cookies. Time spent with friends sitting in a tree house and talking for hours on end, talking about kid stuff. These are good things. The way things are supposed to be.

So I’ll finish telling Sue’s Story in her words and with her pictures. It’s a good story. It’s a blessing.

"Kids, Aren’t They Wonderful?"

“They watch the activity below and don’t have a care in the world because they feel they have conquered it… just by climbing a tree.”

“It’s even better if they have a rope tied to a limb nearby to swing out on. What fun they can have.”

“Yes, kids are wonderful. The world would certainly be dull and our lives would be empty without them.”

“Big kids and little kids, alike, love to swing from a rope.”

“Dedicated to all kids everywhere, but especially to Parker and Carrie, Stephanie, Camden, and Valerie and Cindy… big and little kids.”



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