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Monday, September 26, 2005

Chaucer's Canterbury Tales...

I really never have been much of one to read any of Geoffrey Chaucer’s works. You know, I just couldn’t understand it, much less “get into it”. Well, there’s this guy from Canada who “got into it” and has rewritten the words of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales into modern day rap. Yep… He has CD’s and everything. What had started out as a thesis paper has now turned into a rap career for Baba Brinkman.

Young Mr. Brinkman also takes his tunes to public schools. Evidently educators like the bridge that he makes from old to new in English literature. He performs at high schools and universities. Educators think that he gets the kids interested in studying about Chaucer.

You can go to Baba Brinkman’s website and read all about it. He also has audio mp3 files on the site where you can listen to some of his stuff. To hear the whole thing you have to buy the album though. *smile*

It is interesting to say the least, but I still seem to have trouble interpreting ‘modern Chaucer’ just as much as I did the ‘traditional Chaucer’. Why is that?


**The picture is for Rene` who is planning a trip to the gulf.


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