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Friday, September 09, 2005

Cut Your Gasoline Bill in Half Now!

My budget is just screaming right now. Since school has started, my driving has almost tripled. So guess what else has increased with it? Yeah… just like you, my gasoline bill has more than tripled also. I’m not looking forward to fall and lighting that pilot on the furnace.

The older the kids get the more we have to go somewhere. We always have somewhere we need to be. Between church, work, school, volleyball, soccer, basketball, track, band, and the grocery store we have enough trips to make for two families. We do all of these things in a very large circle. Round and round we go.

So I’ve been thinking. I look at those motorcycles that people ride and relish the gas mileage. I look at those mopeds and think, “Hey that looks good and maybe a bit safer too.” My biggest problem with those modes of transportation is that I personally just don’t feel safe or comfortable, and they are just useless for hauling kids around. So I did some more thinking and have come up with a solution. If the city and state governments would let us do it then we’ve got this oil thing halfway licked.

My idea is to use electric golf carts. If we used golf carts in speed zoned areas of 40 mph or less then we could haul the kids, the groceries and the soccer balls. I would think that golf carts would be much safer than motorcycles or mopeds and we could have the first “green” city in the country! They make golf carts that are completely enclosed and totally plush inside!

I’m not saying to get rid of our cars. What I am saying is that most of our driving is around our neighborhoods and schools and local stores. We spend an enormous amount of time sitting at red lights and we don’t have to drive that fast to get where we are going.

By the way, I already have a name for my idea too: TETO (Total Electric Transportation of Oklahoma), as in a teetotalist.

Oh well… It's just an idea. Good thing that I already have my trip to Heaven paid for.



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