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Saturday, September 03, 2005

In Texas...

Right now we are in the Great State of Texas. My parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary tomorrow.

While my family welcomes friends and family to the Hill Country of Texas, the entire state of Texas continues to open its arms to tens of thousands of refugees. By all reports, things seem to be going fairly smooth here for the refugees, agencies and their volunteers.

I would like to reiterate to everyone that caution should be used in the forwarding of e-mails. There is a misleading e-mail that is being passed around in Texas. The e-mail is promising free gas and food to the refugees. The facts are: 1.) Refugees can immediately receive one month's worth of food stamps from the family services in Texas, but they must go through the application process for further assistance. 2.) Refugees will qualify for medical assistance through Medicaid. 3.) There is NOT any free gas.

Bogus e-mail information causes problems for everyone. I would like to share an e-mail that I received from the Hubble Website folks concerning my post Please Forward to the Recycle bin:

"Thanks, T.J. for helping to dispel the
information from that email which got recycled from 2 years ago. I've
certainly had a lot of questions about it."

"( And you are right, of course, about Mars never looking as large as
the full moon. It sure was a treat 2 years ago and it is a treat now.
It rises after midnight.)"


Lucy Albert
Office of Public Outreach


As always, I will be checking back here with you guys...



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