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Saturday, September 17, 2005


I am getting ready for my ultrasound class that I am teaching tomorrow. Classic Medical Supply is sponsoring the class and Neel Veterinary Hospital is the host. Linda from Norman is going to help me today to get things RTG (ready to go) this afternoon and evening. (Thank you Linda!)

There are many times when an ultrasound exam ends up with bad news. That's why I am happy when I have the "fun" exams such as checking to see if a client's pet is pregnant. I have even checked a rabbit for pregnancy. The picture is a labrador puppy that is 30 days along in the gestation cycle. The head is within the amniotic fluid at the top left with the back pointing down. You can see the little legs beginning to form and pointing towards the top of the screen. These puppies were very active and fun to watch as they kicked and moved around.

Well... I have to run. Will be checking back here with you guys...



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