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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

State Question Fails...

Hurricane Katrina has certainly knocked over a bunch of trash cans and the garbage has blown everywhere. From misappropriations and corrupt infrastructures in Louisiana all the way to the state of Oklahoma, the hurricane has actually done us all a favor. In the long run that is.

With heightened awareness of what some could call criminal neglect, it seems that the state will be able to dig up funds for fixing our roads and bridges without the tax hike. This morning, the news that I heard is that the state has $200 million (or more) right now that they can set aside for the transportation projects. The Question had only been decided the night before. How did they find that money so quickly? And yes... it will take quite a bit more than the paltry $200 million.

Woefully behind, the state still hasn't answered the question of how and why did they let the transportation infrastructure get in this shape in the first place. If they hadn't of ignored the situation in the first place we wouldn't be so far behind now, in time or in funds. Secondly, where has the money that should have been used for the roads and bridges been going? Third... are the feds going to send auditors to make sure that the funds they give the states are spent where they were meant to be spent? Whether it is for levees or bridges or whatever?

So... aside from Louisiana, the rest of the nations' governors, legislatures, and mayors keep their mouths shut for the most part (as Governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin should be doing) while the news media tears at the Bush administration like a rabid pitbull. Hopefully the civil servants are all busy making decisions and plans that will take care of business the way they should be doing. If I were a mayor or governor right now I would most certainly be opening a lot of closet doors and looking under all the rugs in my office. Neglect in the matters of public safety and the core infrastructures has proven to be deadly, costly, and just plain ignorant.



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