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Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Sting...

Rita will make landfall soon. I called Mom a little bit ago. My brother Don, and his friend's family, have all made it safe and sound to Mom and Dad's. That's good.

Mom says that it looks like Hurricane Rita will hit a little higher up the coast. That would be wonderful for my brother' home and all, but bad for the oil refineries. From what I understand, the oil refineries on the Texas Gulf make up just over 25% of the oil production for the United States. Ouch. This one might really hurt.

Some good news though for the folks flying on the JetBlue airplane today. Did you see that video? Linda from Norman sent me a link to it. Pretty fancy flying if you ask me. The news clip is an interview with one of the passengers. She said that they were watching their plane on national television while they were flying around up there. That would be really weird. I'm glad that the passengers and crew made it and all, but a thought did cross my mind. How many people get to be part of the audience that sees how, when, and where they are going to die? Today's technology is just unbelievable.

The picture is of a scorpion that Parker had spied on the bank of the Guadalupe River in Texas. I was surprised to find him there myself, all wet and all. Maybe he was in training for hurricane season.

Still praying.



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