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Monday, September 19, 2005

A Volleyball Win...

We are just now getting home. I had a surprise when I picked up the kids from school. I had two extra passengers that I didn’t know about and they all needed a ride to the volleyball game. We made it to the girls’ volleyball game and they won! Carrie did a very good job, made several points, and some saves too. She has improved tremendously. This is only the girls’ second season to play. They formed their first volleyball team last year. Most of them had never played before, including Carrie.

The Lions had to work hard to get this win. They lost the first game and won the second two. Then they lost the fourth game which forced them to play the fifth ‘play-off’ game. It looked scary there for a few moments but they finished the game in fine fashion. They were really happy. It was great to watch and to see how well they were playing together. I don’t get to see very many of Carrie’s volleyball games at all.

A newsworthy note here: I was nearing empty and had to fill up with gas after the game. I was able to fill my tank for $29.30. I’m so happy that I got a full tank of regular unleaded for “under $30”! Sounds like a deal doesn’t it? Gas was down to $2.29/gallon, and yes, there was a small line forming. You guys can go to NW 23rd and Rockwell and get gas at the Conoco or at Albertson’s. They are both selling gasoline at the same price. It’s the best priced gas I’ve seen so far this week.

After getting the gas we popped over to Albertson’s for another expensive trip. Parker played paint ball with his friends over the week-end and got a really good case of poison ivy. I ran out of poison ivy meds last night which had pretty much been used up from his last encounter. So, I had to get the diphenhydramine, the calamine, and the ‘new stuff’ that Linda from Norman says works really well. We’ll see how it does. Parker seems to get three or four cases of poison ivy every year. I told Parker that poison ivy was expensive. Of course, Miss Carrie had to pick up a couple of items too. You know, my basic plan and theory on budgeting is that you don’t drive and you don’t go to the store. If you don’t go to the store then you don’t spend any money there. If you don’t drive then you don’t burn any gas.

We then had to go to Braum’s because we were out of milk and bread. While we were there the kids noticed some really pretty ice crystals that were forming branches in the freezer case. My camera was fogging up and I think it was the flash that made it look a little yellow. They were very pretty to look at and amazingly intricate and long; extending several inches away from their point of origin. I wish the picture had turned out better.

I must run now. I just thought that I would take my shoes and socks off and take a little break before I started studying for my mid-term. It’s every man for himself in the kitchen tonight.



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