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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Christian Misconceptions...

There’s a study out called the Religious Market Structure, Religious Participation and Outcomes: Is Religion Good for You?. And there’s this Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist named Jonathon Gruber who studied the report. Then there’s a journalist named Janet Kidd Stewart who is reporting on it.

In her article, Study Says Churchgoers are Wealthier, Less Likely to Divorce, Better Educated, Ms. Kidd states, “…isn't wealth frowned upon in religion?”

Evidently, this must have been a burning question for Mr. Gruber as he must have been offended that Christians in the study weren’t ignorant or destitute. After Mr. Gruber studied the report, he has concluded that he doesn’t know why churchgoers are better off economically.

Who said that God wants us to be on welfare, destitute, and illiterate? Where do people get the idea that Christians should be poor? Why do they think that?

People make this stuff up. Stuff like, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. That saying isn’t anywhere in the Bible. Neither is, “Thou shalt be poor and ignorant.”

And why do non-Christians want to see Christians poor, uneducated, and on welfare? Why would they want to see anyone in that condition? I don’t get it.

Christians should be living the abundant life, both physically and spiritually. We refer to it as being blessed.



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