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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Last Week-End...

I was downloading the pictures from my camera and remembered that I had forgotten to post about the CheerFest competition that we had ran into at Frontier City last week-end. There were school buses all over the place and tons of kids decked out with glittery make-up, extravagent hair styles, cheerleading outfits, and dance costumes. We watched several of the groups and dancers warm-up in a separate area and then watched quite a few perform. They had been there all day, so they were winding up by the time we had gotten there.

I thought, oh well, it's passe` now and I was going to delete the photos. While looking at the pictures, I was reminded how the kids and their teams in this competition have evidently spent hours upon hours practicing. I couldn't help but take into consideration the commitment that the parents must have also made with the time and money that they obviously had invested.

So I thought that I would do a little search on the internet. There's not too much out there that would give a novice much information about the subject. Additionally, I didn't see anything concerning last week-end's competition other than an online .pdf entry form. I don't know how long this link will work, but it's interesting to see the categories and competition fees.

Since I didn't find much on the internet I thought that I would go ahead and make a little post here and put the pictures up. Those kids deserve some recognition even if it is on an obscure blog.

I don't know any of the girls in the photos, but they were cute, little and very polished. It looked like the oldest kid was probably about 10 years old or so. There were several there that looked six or seven. There were teams from all ages at Frontier City at the SpiritFest competition and most of them were high school aged kids. I don't know who won all the trophies but they all looked like they had had a good time.



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