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Saturday, October 01, 2005

The News... Untrustworthy?

Okay. It seems to me that the news media continuously crosses the line of ethics. With a tremendously fragmented market which is mostly due to hundreds of available television stations; the media in general will do just about anything to grab their market share of the audience. It's all about money and ratings folks.

Journalism has the appearance of becoming an untrustworthy source for information. Sensationalism and hype seem to be the new standard and are becoming redundant trademarks. The biggest problem is that people are swallowing this information as truth.

You know, you would think that senators and other public persons would be especially cautious and thoroughly check their sources before they spoke publicly about a subject. Of course they would, since more and more proof is appearing that Hurricane Katrina was not only poorly reported by journalists but that most of the 'horror' stories were outright lies. But no... these political icons are as bad as those they are getting their information from. They like sensationalism and hype too.

For those who have seen, heard, or read about the Bill Bennett controversy please go here and listen to what the man actually said. Gee whiz.



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