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Saturday, October 01, 2005

What do you mean... Budget?

Budget is a word that will provoke many mixed emotions. I was thinking about my budget this evening and trying to figure out how to make things work. We all pretty much have to do that; especially when we have extra expenses such as doubled gasoline bills and the like.

I heard on the news the other evening that gas heating costs are likely to double. That means we could be looking at $14 to $15 per dekatherm this winter. I am praying that it doesn’t happen. This will be a tremendous hardship on a lot of people, including me.

There is a really nice and helpful website with some online budget calculators and other tools. The principles that it teaches are sound too. With the United States faced with unexpected expenses due to a couple of hurricanes it seems to really drive home the message that we all need to have some sort of a savings plan.

The chart is a graphic used in a New York Times article. Some serious thought and discussion is going to have to be done at the ‘Hill’. I sure hope they can work together and get it done. Most of them will have to sit down and shut up before they can get to work though. If ever there was a time that our leaders needed to “get along with others” now is one of those times.



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