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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Beauty is Only Skin Deep...

Just now home from work. It has been a tough two days for me so I am really, really tired.

Debra Lafave... If she were a man what kind of plea bargain would 'he' be able to get?

No prison time? You've got to be kidding me... none?

Question: Is the law discriminatory?

A thought crossed my mind: Why aren't the women rights activists screaming about this?

They want women to be equal in everything.

Shouldn't a woman pay the same time and suffer the same consequences as a man for the exact same acts? Do you think a man would have gotten a plea bargain?

There should be picketing and marching and all sorts of rhetoric about Debra Lafave not being treated the same as a man in court.

This really isn't fair.

Oh yeah... "no unsupervised contact with children". Supposedly she is to be supervised with her "own" children (if she has any).

Yeah right.

Now you tell me... how's that going to be enforced?



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