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Monday, November 14, 2005

Computer Difficulties...

We got home from the basketball game safely. The boys did very well while playing a much larger school. It was a great game. They only lost by 8 points. Good Job!

After getting home I turned on my computer. It went straight to the "It is safe now to shut down your computer" mode.

"Okay" I thought. I turned it off. Turned it back on. It went straight to 'shutdown' mode.

After several attempts I began to get really upset.

Has anyone ever had this happen to them before? Do you know what causes it? Is it a Windows bug?

Well... I have about a kindergarten knowledge level of DOS which (thankfully) was enough to get my computer back up and running. BTW... I ended up reloading my OS, Win98.

So far so good. But... now I'm out of time. No time for schoolwork and no time for blogging.

Letting Go had an interesting article posted on her blog tonight.

It has to do with microchipping people.




Blogger Moof said...

I'm sorry about Beezer. *comfort* It's hard to lose a fuzzy friend.

I wanted to ask you about your operating system, in view of what happened to your computer on Monday. I was wondering if perhaps it's a very old computer, since you're still using 98.

Old computers can be like old fuzzy friends - they get to a point when they just can't keep up anymore ... :(

Concerning the article about the Microchips you linked to ... there's an undercurrent that would be frightening if we could see it all together, but since we only see it in bits and pieces, we think of it all as "advancing technology" ... making the world "better" ...

I'm not sure how well we've learned that all technology has a flip side - depending on the intentions of the hand wielding the tool.

The chip could be a good thing - in the right hands, for the right reasons. Unfortunately, there's no way to keep it out of the "wrong" hands.

November 15, 2005 9:40 PM  
Blogger It's me, T.J. said...

My computer is 5 1/2 years old. I have added some RAM, new power supply, and USB ports. I can't upgrade to XP because my processor isn't fast enough. And yeah... I know that I need to upgrade but I currently don't have the funds for that. Either way... if I can keep it going for a while longer it would be best for me financially. I just have to remember to save my work often whenever I am multi-tasking with large files.

As far as the microchips go I think that they could be a very good thing if used selectively and wisely but... I can definitely see where the abuse could come in to play.

Nano technology could definitely eliminate those TV ratings phone calls while you are at home. Nielson could just find you via satellite and catch the microwaves being emitted from your favorite show and beam it back to the satellite. No bother to you and more accurate information for them. A whole new wave of data mining could begin with these chips!

Additionally, a new form of discrimination could develop which could eliminate the racial problems of the world! I wonder who would win the Nobel Peace Prize for that?

And of course... how close does everyone want Big Brother to them? The folks in New Orleans would be tickled that every discomfort that they felt could be monitored so they could expect a quicker response from the government to "tend to their every need". The microchip could eliminate all the whining and complaining on the entire planet!!

No matter how convenient and lucrative this all could be for me I personally wouldn't choose to have a microchip implanted on myself. Call me eccentric. I just prefer to take my showers by myself.


November 16, 2005 11:17 AM  

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