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Saturday, November 19, 2005


From disposable razors to disposable relationships it seems that we are conditioned to throw things away.

Even items termed as 'durable goods' aren't as long lasting as they used to be. Technology seems to make things obsolete within 6 months of their debut into societal use and so why make it last.

I ran across an article today that really ticked me off. No wonder people throw things away like babies and wives and husbands; throwing humanity away like a wadded up piece of scratch paper.

A Dear Abby letter from Unhappy in Nebraska received this response:

DEAR UNHAPPY: Because counseling and medication haven't helped, the time is now, while your husband can still find a woman whose values are more similar to his own than yours are.

Mrs. Unhappy's letter didn't admit to any abuse from her husband, or maltreatment, or anything that was "horrible". What it states is that there are things that she wants to do and that her husband doesn't want her to do it. She doesn't say that hubby is an ogre either.

Mrs. Unhappy just wants to do things for herself that she feels her husband isn't allowing her to do.

It looks to me like she is really being self-serving and selfish and not even considering the consequences of how any of this would affect her daughter.

Well... I'm sure that we don't know the whole story as it is told in her letter, but it seems to me that this is something that could be worked out between the two of them.

You know, "like" they should maybe talk about it between the two of them instead of with a newspaper columnist. Hopefully Mrs. Unhappy isn't refusing to discuss her feelings with her husband by sitting around pouting and being a martyr.

Maybe he just doesn't know how Mrs. Unhappy is feeling about things. Surely he would understand her feelings since he says that he "loves her" all the time.

And another thing...

Dear Abby needs to hold people up to a higher standard instead of giving such a lazy throw-away response and advice without any consideration or regard to the long term consequences.

Life isn't easy and neither is marriage. Too many people don't have the courage to tackle the hard things in life.

Gee whiz...

Gotta go to the hospital and do some ultrasounds.

My new machine came in today! This should be exciting!



Blogger Moof said...

T.J. ... another really good post. You have a real eye for them ...

You've put your finger on a spot that's ripe with rot just under the surface. Get an ultrasound on that one!

Hang in there ... and keep praying for some modicum of sanity to come back to the world ...

November 20, 2005 11:53 AM  

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