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Friday, November 11, 2005

My Garden Gnome...

I received another e-mailed photo of my cat this evening.

This reminds me of a French movie that I watched called Amelie. (A very funny and entertaining movie by the way.)

I almost feel like Amelie's father. In the movie he gets postcards from major landmarks around the world with his stolen garden gnome in the center of the photo. I hope that my facial expressions aren't as perplexed looking as his were.


Evidently I am not the only person who is affected by this type of phenomenon. There are many folks here in the United States and around the world who wake up to a bare patch of lawn where their garden gnome once stood.

Stolen garden gnomes have been a popular prank for quite some time.

Garden gnomes expressions are permanently affixed to their faces but a cat's expressions aren't.

He sure does look like a Cheshire Cat to me.


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