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Friday, November 18, 2005

A Quick Note...

Just now home. It's already Saturday so I just thought I would drop you guys a quick line.

The boys won their basketball game 57 - 51! HOORAY! It was a very good and exciting game. The kids are excited.

The hospital called and I went in to do an ultrasound. Then there was another one. And then there was another one.

So... here I am after a very long day and ready to go to bed.

I did spend some time on some of my favorite blogs and once again Letting Go has a very interesting link on her blog post called Not for the faint hearted ....

She found the link on another Oklahoma blogger's blog, Amazing Facts. His post is called "Facts and Statistics About Abortion".

The link to the website with videos are on both of these blog posts.

Shocking and disturbing are the real images of aborted babies. I know that I have young people visit my blog, so I will just put it out there for you guys. These are not pretty pictures.

What a note to end on.



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