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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Tunnel Vision...

Well, I have been working hard on (school) my class assignments. I finally gave up on one class (school) and turned my assignment in. I just couldn't stand to look at it and go over it one more time (school).

I'm still working on (school) my researched speech which I will have to deliver here in a few days.

I have enrolled (school) for the spring semester. I hope that government class I'm taking isn't a disappointment (school). *yikes*

This evening (school), when I logged on to post, I saw this little announcement.

Blogger News
Maintenance on Saturday

We will be upgrading our network access this weekend which will require downtime for both Blogger and Blog*Spot. The outage will occur at noon (PST) on Saturday and last for 2 hours. Thanks for your patience during this maintenance window.

– Jason G. [11/01/2005 04:48:00 PM]

It's the first time I have seen it (school)... What is confusing me is (school), has this already passed? Did a national event come and go by without me (school)?

Lately, it seems that I can only concentrate on (school) one thing at a time.



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