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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Who's Gonna Stop Her...

Has anyone heard about the big chemical spill,

into a river,

in China,

where 3.8 million people were without water,

because of the severe pollution?

You all know that I have posted several times about China and how that country seems to do whatever it wants irregardless of any national laws, treatises, or *whatever*.

And you know how I feel about U.S. corporations supporting such behavior by going over there and doing business.

If you don't remember those posts, that's ok. Just do a search on my blog on the word "China" and you will find them.

So... I read the story quite a few days ago and thought how horrible it was that so many people were without water. The situation seemed worse to me than a simple inconvenience just because of the logistics of getting water to that many people. Can you imagine getting enough water to 3.8 million people just so they could have something to drink? To me this chemical spill ranked up there with any number of other major catastrophic events.

I don't know if the Chinese government is helping those people or not. Maybe they were just left to 'fend for themselves'.

Then yesterday I got to thinking about why things were so "quiet" about this event.

Then I wondered where Greenpeace was and whether or not they were protesting, making statements and/or demands. You know, the kind of stuff that Greenpeace does.

All I could find was this comment (at least by Greenpeace standards) on their website.

hmmm... I thought.

Could it be that the Greenpeace people are afraid of Chinese prisons? They don't seem to have a problem with protesting in a lot of other places. Why aren't they rallying in China? Do they just hit the "soft" targets where they can get a lot of media attention and don't have to fear for their lives?

Then I got to thinking...

(I know folks... my logic just mesmerizes you guys.)

...how glad I am that we don't have a "wimp" for a president.

Now I'm not suggesting that we go to war with China or anything like that. What I am saying is that it is quite evident that whoever, or whatever entity, decides that *enough is enough* will most certainly have to possess a strong will and determination to deal with China.

Hopefully, there's been a good start.



Blogger Moof said...

Wow T.J.! We're getting into some pretty deep stuff here ...

China is most definitely the armpit of the universe in the way it treats its people ...

... but Bush is still wearing a cast (not to mention paying the bills) from the last time he asserted himself ...

How well do you think that would go over with the nation in general (never mind the wusses in Europe ...) ?

Food for a real good discussion there ...

November 28, 2005 9:55 AM  
Blogger It's me, T.J. said...

Food for a real good discussion there ...

That's part of my point... food for some American 'brains'.

"They" want to legislate how we act, think, eat, drive, treat terrorist prisoners, etc., etc., etc.

Penalize everyone here in America. Act like "we're" the bad guys and that everyone else is just *misunderstood*, *maltreated*, yada yada yada.

Why am I forced to care that a murdering terrorist receives fair treatment in prison? Do they treat their hostages with the same respect?

Why am I forced to listen to the environmental rhetoric about how 'bad' America is to the global environment? Why am I forced to pay untold amounts of tax dollars for environmental cleanup, regulations, and on and on and on?

America is the best country on the planet and we are CONSTANTLY being told by the media that we are the WORST! We constantly hear about how bad we are.

The media is like a psychologically abusive parent.

Instead of spending all their ink and paper on the president and riding his a** why don't they ride the ones that need it?

It's wrong.


Thanks for asking.

;+ )


November 28, 2005 11:21 AM  
Blogger Moof said...

Man, T.J. ... you're singing to the choir on that score, at least as far as I'm concerned.

I think of it as the "effeminization" of America. We're turning into such wimps that we take down the flags in front of our homes in order to not offend our anti-American illegal immegrant neighbors. It's as if we've completely lost any sense of Purpose, of Self.

I'm afraid that it could get a lot worse before it improves ...

November 28, 2005 4:12 PM  

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