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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Blog Bots...

I know that bots (robots) scan billions of pages across the internet every day looking for content to supply to their search engines.

Bloggers usually like search engine bots as they can potentially send more traffic to their site.

I had an unusual hit today and I am not exactly sure what or who it was.

It’s possible that my blog was scanned today by a consumer blog bot. If not, then maybe it was the bot’s human counterpart.


This visit got me to thinking.

After doing a little reading and research this evening, I have discovered that bloggers are beginning to make a very large impact in this country.

The consumer marketing industry is taking notes and developing technology to datamine the millions of blogs that are already here. The gleaned information that is gathered by the consumer bots is then organized and interpreted for use by major corporations.

Blogger’s voices are beginning to be heard. Not only are they being heard… they are being listened to.

Being a letter writer ‘from way back’, this is probably some of the best news that I have heard in a long time.

I never knew whether or not any of my letters were ever read or just thrown away in the trash.

Mainstream media across the nation is already standing up and taking notice. Especially since the Dan Rather/CBS document scandal concerning President Bush was uncovered by a blogger.

There is so much information available at our finger tips these days that a lot of bloggers are doing their own research. Sometimes their research and stories are better than the paid and published journalists!

Finally, the liberal news media will be unable to continue the strangle hold that they have had for decades on the news. Mainstream media is being forced to meet a new standard now; a standard that they didn’t invent themselves.

There are skeptics that say bloggers will take things to the extreme, that there is a lot of inaccurate information out there, and that malicious blogging will be a problem.

Well… we already have all that.

They’re called politicians and mainstream media.

And while bots are continuing to scan this post I have a few ideas to throw out there for you.

Another use for blog bots has crossed my mind.

Maybe blogs will put pollsters out of business too.

The consumer bots are able to gather “honest” information. Information that wasn’t skewed or tainted by the way a question was asked or presented.

Maybe the pollsters will be replaced by “polling bots”.

I think that I would like the information that was provided by a pollster bot.

Every time I hear a poll result about something, especially something that sounds ridiculously unlikely, I wonder about how they asked their questions, where they were when they asked them, and who did they ask?

It is unlikely that a lot of the polls are truly random and unbiased.

Either way, I am always suspicious of poll results.

I am patiently waiting for a politic bot to cross my path.

By the way *politic bots*… Paul Wesselhoft has yet to respond to my letter.

And would you please mark in my file that I am a registered voter who does make it to the polls to cast my vote.


In case you’re interested:

How many blogs are there?

An exact number isn’t known at this time, but Technorati currently boasts of 23.3 million as of today. That’s a lot of bandwidth.

MSM Requiem

Blogging for Dollars



Blogger Moof said...

That's a very interesting thought ... it hadn't crossed my mind. Blog-land is such a huge place ... it seems impossible to do much more than just scratch the surface.

I hadn't thought about how bots could be used to distill the information ...

Thanks for opening up a whole new train of thought! *LOL*

December 19, 2005 5:01 AM  

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