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Thursday, December 15, 2005

An E-mailed Request...

I just received an e-mail from Rene'.

A classmate of Elijah's and a fellow ******** Cub Scout lives with his
mom (single parent) in ******* Apts. and well, their apt was broken
into between 11am and 12 noon today. Practically everything is gone.
She had no rental insurance. They took all *****'s christmas gifts, (mostly
given to them already), his wallet with about $40. and his games, their tv;
vcr, dvd and movies. Of course the place is a wreck. She has a job at
WalMart. Her money has been going to fix up her ole Intrepid car. Which
is now broken down again...won't start.She said she was behind on her
utilities and needed to put most of this check of only $225? towards the
electric bill. She said they attended Victory a while back, but with the
car issues and finances,etc...they've not been in while. I don't know if
they were members or not. Do you have any ideas of where to start
for help?

I have taken the name of the apartments out and also the boy's name to help protect their privacy.

I have given Rene' the contacts for Shepherds of Love Ministry, but I feel that this little family is going to need a lot more than one benevolent provider to meet their needs.

If anyone has any other contacts and/or suggestions please leave the information in the comments here on my blog. Or you can e-mail me in private if you want.



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