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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Girls Win Tournament...

Got up late this morning.

Went to game on one cup of coffee.

Girls win semi-finals game.

Come home, eat lunch.

Worked on school paper for short while.

Parker comes home from all-night lock-in with Nicholas and Matthew.

Nicholas comes home with him for the afternoon and evening.

We all go back for championship game.

Call from work during 2nd quarter.

Girls win game in last minute and a half. *gulp*

Watch the boys final game.

Watch trophy presentations, MVP's, All-Tourney players, etc.

Several of our girls get all-tourney and one gets MVP.

Go to Incredible Pizza to celebrate.

Carrie goes to spend the night with basketball team members. (Continuance of tourney win celebration.)

Drop Parker off at Nicholas'.

Go to work to do ultrasounds.

Just now home.

Parker is home.

A Good Day.

Going to bed.



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