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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It's Late... Again.

We're home from the basketball games. Both the girls' and boys' teams won tonight. The boys' game was quite a bit closer than the girls' with a score of 48 to 40. It was a good and fair game.

On the way to the game this evening I heard a news story on the radio concerning the Oklahoma Tax Commission's tax rebate program. When I got home this evening I couldn't find anything reported about it at all. (Keep in mind that I do not have cable TV.)

According to the KTOK radio news report, it seems that there were quite a few checks printed on plain white paper instead of the 'colored' paper with the check numbers on them. Evidently someone tried to cash their plain white paper check today and the institution called the police on him because they thought that the check was bogus.

Bank of America was in charge of this venture and cannot explain how the plain white paper stock made it into the print batch. The Oklahoma Tax Commission says that anyone with a 'white' check can call their office to get a new check issued to them; or I guess they could try to cash the check that they have.

That could be a scene.

Heck... you could scan several of those checks on your computer and just print them out from the house.

Makes you want to run out and buy one of those new 'fast' laser jet printers doesn't it?

You would think that one mistake would be enough with a project this large but there was more than one error made with this historical transaction. Several checks had the wrong address on them so a lot of people (KTOK didn't know how many) didn't get their checks at all. These checks were sent back to the Oklahoma Tax Commission's offices on Lincoln Boulevard.

Yes... these checks all had the OTC's address on them. *interesting*

Bank of America states that they used the data that was provided to them by the OTC.

Well... I'm sure that they all will find out what happened here.

I was wondering why the OTC didn't choose an "Oklahoma" bank to take care of this for them. You would think that the State of Oklahoma would be about supporting state businesses.

Is it because they didn't think that we had a bank that could handle the $91 million tax surplus money?

I wonder if we're going to ever get another "tax rebate" check. KTOK reported that it cost .51 cents for each check that was sent out. Multiply that by a few million.

If we do get another tax rebate, which bank do you think will get the job.

I wonder if there will be processing fees taken out of it first.



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