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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Raising the Veil of Ignorance...

The incident in Texas with a threatening hand grenade...

Then the posting of a new cartoon by D.T. Deveraux.

I haven't posted the cartoon here on my blog as I have younger readers visit my blog.

So, all you guys under 18 go ask your parents if you can read this post before going any further.


I didn't know, or understand, enough about jihad to understand the cartoon that D.T. had drawn.

I have no excuse.

I know better than to trust the mainstream media.

I had to ask D.T. to explain his artistic statement and he willingly obliged:

D. T. Devareaux said...

Merry Christmas TJ!

The subject of this piece is the “just reward” awaiting the jihadist suicide bomber. At the nucleus of the explosion is a visionary scene of what awaits this indiscriminate murderer and cowardly killer of civilian men, women and children.

Allah promises the shahid, or those who slay and are slain for Allah, the heavenly reward of “virgins”, “fair women with beautiful, big, and lustrous eyes”--to do with as you can probably infer. Incidentally, I also read that Allah rewards the faithful martyr with pretty young boys. In any case, while I’m not so righteous as to deprive the jihadist of his rightful reward of 72 virgins, I’m just enough of an ass—given the Islamic aversion to pork--to give those waiting maidens swine heads and porcine puckers. Such are the wages of driving explosive laden cars into packs of Iraqi children to blow up a few U.S. marines or wearing bomber belts onto to Israeli buses.


5:12 PM

I have spent the greater part of my evening at the computer getting some understanding and education.

I started here:


I then read a dated article from the Kashmir Herald of India. Dated February, 2003, Jihad in India reveals the concerns of citizens in another country.

This article reveals a recruiting tool used to entice young men:

Religious Cassettes Advocate Jihad by Emphasizing Martyr's Sexual Rewards

Here are some video links.

Here are a lot of articles and political cartoons on The Palestinian Media Watch. The first article on this web page is entitled "65% of Palestinians Support Al-Qaeda Attacks in the US and Europe: Religious War against "Infidels" inherent to PA religious ideology"

The hate against Christians and Jews is greater than I had imagined.

How can we believe that Muslims and Islamists are a peace-seeking religion when they are told to destroy the infidels?

We are the infidels.

Why would the mainstream media want to keep me ignorant of how intense their hatred is?

Don't I hear on the TV all the time that the majority of Muslims are peaceful? That jihad is spiritual and not the physical enactment of killing and terror?

Well I have read something entirely different concerning jihad tonight.

I have also learned that those who do not embrace jihad (the killing of infidels/Christians/Jews) are considered hypocrits.

And that's not a good thing to be called if you are a Muslim/Islamist.

Not a good thing at all.

Here's one more dated article:

Of course, the great majority of Muslims are peaceful – so what?


To see D.T.'s new cartoon you can get to his blog, The Study of Revenge, via my sidebar or by clicking here.


Blogger D. T. Devareaux said...


Other indispensable links of interest are www.memri.org (The Middle East Media Research Institute. They compile videoclips and transcripts from television programs, talkshows, sermons, etc. from the Middle East); MEMRI also has a sister site called memritv.org (which will take you directly to the programs) and, of course, there's Robert Spencer's site Jihad Watch, www.jihadwatch.org.

You want to know why the "mainstream press" doesn't report on such issues? Do you remember after 9/11 when the press decided that it was in our best interests to spare us the footage of the carnage--of bodies splattered across the sidewalks, etc.--out of fear that it would "enrage" us? Yet, every unfounded and spurious allegation of a Koran being dropped in a toilet or someone turning the air-conditioning down on a Gitmo detainee is plastered across the front pages for days on end, knowing that such stories will "enrage" the Muslim populace?

The tyrants are different, but the useful idiots stay the same.


December 28, 2005 6:16 AM  
Blogger Moof said...

You've certainly been doing some serious research T.J. ... thank you for sharing it all with us.

I'm going to blogroll Mr. Devareaux' site.

I don't know where we're going to go from here ... but I have a feeling that it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

December 28, 2005 8:00 AM  
Blogger It's me, T.J. said...

Thanks for the links D.T.

And you're welcome Moof.


December 28, 2005 6:59 PM  
Blogger bernie said...

Sadly, Devereaux' blogspot site has been shut down. I have collected most of his cartoons here.

December 28, 2009 3:57 PM  

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