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Monday, December 05, 2005

Remiss in My Duties...

The temperatures are expected to take a downward turn starting tomorrow. It will be bitter cold with day time highs in the teens. Our first snowfall is expected on Wednesday.

Unlike winter vacation “hot-spots” in other parts of the country, Oklahoma isn’t known for having ‘nice weather’ when frozen precipitation is expected.

A weather related tragic news story has brought to my attention how I have neglected to do something that I knew I should have already done.

Elderly Man Dies in Fire
Monday, December 5, 2005 at 5:31pm

Oklahoma City firefighters say it was Bart Estrada, age 80 who was killed in a mid-morning house fire at 512 SE 22nd.

By Jerry Bohnen

Firefighters can't say for sure but many suspect it was the propane heaters used by an elderly man to keep warm that killed him.
Barta Estrada, age 80 was found dead in the burned ruins of his home at 512 SE 22nd shortly after the home caught fire around 10am.
Officially, Estrada died of smoke inhalation. Neighbors told KTOK's Mary Beth Henschel the elderly man had tried and failed to get assistance. He did odd jobs for them in return for food. Firefighters say there was no running water in the house and the man caught rain water in buckets to use for drinking water. The house had electricity but no gas for heating.

I had received a newsletter from Teresa at Shepherd’s of Love Ministry a few weeks ago. The specific target of the letter was about helping families and individuals that have had their utilities turned off… or were expecting to have them turned off.

I knew that I wanted to help.

I just haven’t “gotten around to it yet”.

Mr. Estrada’s death was a “slap of reality” for me.

Whether or not Mr. Estrada was on their list for receiving aid from Shepherd’s of Love Ministries or not isn’t the point; they will help people who are in similar circumstances.

Mr. Estrada’s tragic death could have been prevented.

I was thinking that I was really sorry that Mr. Estrada wasn’t my neighbor.

Then I got to thinking about whether or not I would have been too busy to help.

Teresa, the check is in the mail.


For your information:

Shepherds of Love Ministry, Inc.
P.O. Box 5043
Edmond, OK 73083-5043


Blogger Moof said...

What a sad story! I think we have no idea how many people have "fallen between the cracks" ...

I will go check out that web site ...

Thanky you!


December 05, 2005 10:04 PM  

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