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Monday, December 26, 2005

We're Home...

The picture is at the end of Christmas Day; after the chores were finished. It's Carrie and Parker with the Border Collie named B.B.

We made it home and all is "good".

Calais and Kyle left here this morning (before we got back) and are on their way to Kyle's family's home in Washington state. They will make a stop at Justin's in San Francisco on their way north.

Everyone in the neighborhood knew when we arrived home as you could 'hear us coming'.

Confirmed by "Pa", the noise from the van is an exhaust leak. Having had the back one-half of the exhaust system literally hit the pavement last year, I'm not so sure that I will have this repaired.

I was forced to in the last 'incident' as my muffler was dragging the ground.

If things will stay status quo, and not litter the roadway, I'm not so sure that I will have it repaired.

The van runs fine...

We just won't be as anonymous in the traffic as we used to be.

Had a few telephone calls this evening.

I have a lot of ultrasounds lined up for tomorrow so I need to get to bed.

One item of interest for you guys before I go.

A friend of a friend's cousin, so to speak, was the motorist who called in a Muslim woman who had threatened him on the highway in Richardson, Texas, with a grenade.

The media isn't calling the woman a Muslim.

Yep... you heard me right.

She had a grenade and had pulled the pin and was making threatening motions with it at the 'cousin'.

Police found more ammunition on her person and in the trunk of her car.

An act of road rage?

...or a statement?

This is a story that I would like to know more about.

Currently, this is all that is really available via the media:

Road Rage Incident Leads To Apparent Grenade Threat

If you have high-speed internet, go to this video link.

Have to go to bed now...

I have work to do tomorrow.



Blogger Moof said...

T.J. ... glad you made it home ok!

About loud cars ... that's a problem we have almost all the time. Recently it was so bad that I stopped driving in daylight! *LOL*

About the "road rage" incident! *wow!* Amazing ... ! It's always good to know the news behind the news ...

Thanks for sharing that!

December 27, 2005 8:23 AM  

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