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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Counting to a Million Starts With "Number One"...

The JV boys played their first game of the tournament tonight. We won in overtime. It was a great game and very exciting to say the least.

The boys played an excellent game and handled themselves very well. I'm very proud of them.

We move up the bracket and have Game 2 tomorrow night.

I received a forwarded link tonight that I would like to share.

A reminder of who we are and what we're about.

Have you heard about the new television show called "The Book of Daniel"?

This is a NBC television program that is supposed to air tomorrow night.

Because of the story line and content of the show I know that my family won't be watching it. I have e-mailed my local NBC television station and have advised them that if they won't refuse to air the show locally that I won't be watching anything that they air.

I'll just boycott them.

There are several other citizens who also have let their viewpoints be known to their local NBC affiliates and have received positive results. Two television stations have decided not to air the television show. One is in Indiana and the other is in Arkansas.

KARK says on its web site that it decided to drop the show after viewing the two-hour premiere "and most importantly listening to our viewers and engaging them in dialogue."

"We appreciate hearing from so many of our viewers who expressed their heartfelt opinions on both sides of the issue," the station says.

What a statement the citizens in those two states have made! I think that it is wonderful and is most certainly a step in the right direction.

While the writers, actors, and other interested parties are surely trying to put a positive spin on the series, I find the following comment a little disconcerting:

"Maybe [religion] is what we're all talking about in the world today," Kenny reflects. "Maybe it's just in our heads, and maybe that's why I wrote this. It just struck me as a story that I wanted to tell.

I've been accused of having a lot of things *stuck* in my head. Some of them can be medically proven too.

My faith in God isn't just a story I want to tell. And it isn't "just in my head" either.

We'll see if NBC feels that the executives who are steering their programming are just a figment of their imagination, or a painful reality when they see the story that their numbers have to tell.



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