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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Just a Little Melancholy...


Basketball practice.


Errand x's 1.


Talk on telephone with Linda in Norman.

Cook dinner.

Parker pulled out some old pictures.

Ate dinner.

Panic attack.

(Was I late on a bill? Again?!)



Sat down to think.

Became a little melancholy.

The day is gone.

The time for now has already past.

When we drove up to the house this evening Carrie noticed Sue through her brand-spanking new picture window. Her house sporting new "views" all around, Sue has been trying to get her blinds and drapes up for a few days now.

Carrie said, "Sue has her thinking face on."

"Her thinking face?", I said.

Carrie responded, "Yeah... Every time Sue stops to think she puts her hands on her hips and looks up."

Carrie's comment got 'me' to thinking about the little, but special, things that we all do that are a part of our memories. That's what makes people close and special to us.

Parker had pulled out some old photos and was going through them, laughing, making comments. He's 13 you know.

We all stopped to look at them for a few minutes.

It is time for the evening to wind down and those pictures began to play back in my head.

A time that has now long past.

Justin and Calais are so grown up. Justin will be 26 soon and Calais will be 21.

Justin really wasn’t trying to choke his little sister. Justin was always the best big brother. We really miss seeing him.

I don’t have the same smile that I used to. Time and the palsy from surgery has really taken a toll on it. I really want to get my smile back.

I still miss all the kids. You know, there were over 40 children that I had helped to raise.

Linda in Norman took the photo with the kids and the animals for me. It was quite a chore to keep us inside that frame! It was fun though.

These pictures are probably two of my most favorite photos; mostly because some of the children in the pictures were with me for four years or more.

I am so glad that some of the kids that I raised still contact me and stop by for visits. A few of my kids have their own families now with cute little babies of their own.

It was a season in our lives.

Time for bed.

We will start over tomorrow.

My boys have a basketball tournament that starts on Thursday and ends on Saturday.

Next week school starts for me and the kids both.

We have little time to waste.



Blogger Moof said...

TJ ... thanks for sharing all of that with us. You've apparently done some amazing things for a lot of people. It would be lovely to hear more, when you have the time and the inclination ...

January 04, 2006 5:09 PM  

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