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Monday, January 02, 2006

The Slippery Slope...

Most people would contend that a slippery slope argument contains fallacies, half-truths, or ridiculous conclusions.

What is a slippery slope?

A slippery slope is where a measure would lead to further worse measures.

A SLIPPERY slope argument is a kind of argument that warns you if you take a first step, you will find yourself involved in a sticky sequence of consequences from which you will be unable to extricate yourself, and eventually you will wind up speeding faster and faster towards some disastrous outcome. . . .

It is characteristic of all slippery slope arguments that a dangerous outcome of some contemplated course of action is warned of. But the slippery slope argument is more than just a warning. The dangerous outcome is put forward as a reason for not taking a first step in the contemplated course of action. It is an argument put forward by a speaker to persuade a hearer not to take this first step, on the grounds of the consequences that may follow.

Vale Press

What would you think about a town that wholly supported a business that manufactured, produced, and sold adult sex toys and videos?

Would you think twice before you moved there?

If you lived there before the business moved in, would you have tried to stop them from entering your town?

What kind of argument could you have used to prevent them from moving into your neighborhood?

If you were in favor of having this company in your town, what argument would you use to win the approval of the city council?

If the business was allowed to move in, would you move out or just shrug your shoulders and accept it?

Protestors, ministers, and citizens tried to keep such an industry from moving into their town in North Carolina.

They were accused of using a "slippery slope" argument.

Well, guess what?

Now this very town's Chamber of Commerce has given just such a company their "Business of the Year" award for 2005.

" The executive director of the chamber says PHE is a top citizen and a major taxpayer. The company has also helped with the local animal shelter and a family violence prevention center."

The town has been paid off in tax revenues and jobs in order to win this award.

Just like a prostitute, the town officials of Hillsborough, North Carolina, have taken the money, gotten their penicillin injection, and have bestowed one of their highest honors on their "John".

Of course you could say, "What the heck? It's been 11 years, what does it matter now? Hillsborough has already lost her virginity."

Friend... red lipstick, pancake makeup, and a mink coat won't restore that innocent luster she once had.

A slippery slope?

Not if you're happy with your wages and job description, I don't guess that it is.



Blogger Moof said...

TJ ... that's really sad. Everything is becoming topsy turvy ...

There doesn't seem to be a single area that been left untouched. Good is labeled as bad and vice-versa. I wonder how far it will go before it goes back the other way ...

January 03, 2006 8:06 PM  
Blogger It's me, T.J. said...

Maybe when people begin to wonder about why and how their lives have gone so 'wrong'?

Maybe when people begin to think about what good things that they have given to others?

Maybe when people start to count all their money and take stock of their material possessions and still feel like they've come up 'empty-handed'?

Maybe when people begin to live their lives for someone other than themselves?

Maybe when people sit down to search their souls.

Maybe then.


January 03, 2006 10:18 PM  

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