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Saturday, January 07, 2006

We Won! We Won!! WE WON!!!

What a wild and crazy day!

The JV boys won the tournament from the loser's bracket!

Can you believe it?

Our game this morning was another close one, but without the overtime. It was nerve wracking for me.

After we won that game there was a consolation game and then the championship game was to be played.

We had about 40 minutes to recoup and get ready for the 'big' game.

I had all the boys go to the concessions and get carbs, no candy and no pop.

I got myself one of those big pretzels with cheese and a bottle of water. ;+ )

The championship game was even more crazy. I don't know how many times the game was tied.

We finally caught a couple of breaks from the refs. The other coach went ballistic. Then one of his starters fouled out and he hit the floor yelling at the refs.

He didn't get thrown off the court but it cost him a time out.

The full court press was on.

One of the opposing team members grabbed one of my boys by the jersey and was pulling on him during a fast break.

The refs called a technical.

The opposing fans/parents went nuts and started booing.

Then the other coach went out on the floor and told them, "Hey, we don't do that here." They got quiet and shut up.

Kind of confusing since he got so crazy all over the referees himself.

The last 49 seconds of the game seemed like an eternity.

I called three time outs during that period of time; just to insure that we maintained our composure on the court and to give specific direction to the boys.

Finally... the buzzer went off.

We won by three points. *whew*

My nerves are still shot and I still don't think I have come down from my 3 hour long adrenalin rush.

My kids did such a great job.

I don't have a deep bench. In fact, our team (and school) is very small and half of my "varsity" team consists of my JV kids.

The teams we played came from much bigger schools and had at least 15 kids on each of their teams.

We had six.

My guys did a wonderful job.

They executed...

Maintained their composure...

And played an excellent game.

I don't think that our tournament hosts were expecting us to win.

They didn't have a trophy available to give us after the game.

Can you believe that?

I think that our host was expecting to win their own tournament.

In fact, they're the team that we beat in the final game.

They said that they would get a trophy and deliver it to our school for us.

Hopefully, I'll get more pictures with the boys and their trophy.

For now... all we have is the hand written poster that had the tournament brackets on it.

Oh well...

You can take a 'prize' away...

but you can't take away the 'win'.



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