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Saturday, February 25, 2006


I'm sure that everyone is familiar with the word 'anonymous'.

Main Entry: anon·y·mous
Pronunciation: &-'nä-n&-m&s
Function: adjective
Etymology: Late Latin anonymus, from Greek anOnymos, from a- + onyma name -- more at NAME
1 : not named or identified
2 : of unknown authorship or origin
3 : lacking individuality, distinction, or recognizability
- anon·y·mous·ly adverb
- anon·y·mous·ness noun

I particularly am fond of the definition as explained in #3.

I'm not big on anonymous commentors, or information given to me anonymously, or any individual who won't stand up and take responsibility for what they say or do.

This morning, I got to thinking.

Don't laugh.

Whether you believe it or not, I've been thinking all day.

I visit a few blogs and opinion pages here and there, and it never ceases to amaze me how the *anonymous* posters use such vulgar and profane language, have a total disrepect for the authors of the page, say vile things and make undefensible statements, and all in all are just plain rude.

Rhetoric, discourse, and debate are not part of their vocabulary, nor is it their intent. The offensive commentors methodology for the airing of their ideas or opposing points of view are not even remotely related to, or an encouragement of, civilized, open, and friendly debate.

Therefore I have decided to invent a word.

A word that would describe and label such blogospheric lack of respectful and polite mannerisms, actions, and attitudes.

The word I am inventing is anonymouse*.

In between my many thoughts today, I have contemplated a definition of my new term and have tentatively come up with the following definition:


1: a blog or opinion commentor of unknown indentity that uses vulgar, hateful, and socially unacceptable language within the context of a blog comment.
2: a blog or opinion commentor who uses anonymity as a shield to say things in public that he/she would never have the guts to say to someone in person, face to face.
3: a blog or opinion commentor who refuses to identify themselves for fear of reprisal, due to their comments, from their friends, family, or social peers.
4: a blog or opinion commentor who, much like that of a mouse, rat, or other vermin, comes to feed on the foodstuffs/comments/opinions provided by others and whilst "feeding" does indeed urinate and defecate upon such foodstuffs/comments/opinions, thereby causing spoilage of the remaining foodstuffs/comments/opinions whereby making it unfit for further consumption/discussion/debate.

Yes... I do compare anonymouse* posters to mice and rats which, in fact, do those very nasty things in your kitchen cabinets, and in your pantries, upon and in your foodstuffs.

Why the asterisk:

I want to make sure that emphasis is placed on the 'mouse' part of the word, as well as the definition as I have described in #4.

Now, as a side note...

The "Muslim Madonna" has a video that has been pulled off the air because it has offended some... you know, 'folks'.

She is a muslim who is against the oppression of women which is practiced by muslims and is supported by Islam. She goes by the name Deeyah and she lives in fear for her life because she is outspoken about women's rights within the muslim community.

The video is composed much in the same way as an MTV video is done, and she is well, a little... how do the kids say it?

Oh yeah... *hot*.

So... with that said, do not click on the link if you think that you will be offended in any way.

That includes muslims, Islam Imams, people who don't like MTV, yada yada yada...

And, as it says in the song to the muslim, "Whatcha doin' even watchin' video?".

Deeyah's music video:

What Will It Be


*After you watch the video, you can use your cursor and view the video's frames one by one. The video is definitely making a visual statement against the atrocities of Islam. There is one frame that speeds by at less than one second during the video and your eyes aren't quick enough to catch it while it is playing. If you stop to look at it, it shows a man pointing a rifle to the back of the head of a kneeling woman.


Blogger Moof said...

Okay ... that's it ... I *love* the "anonymouse" definition!

We should put it on a page so that it won't vanish with time in a post ...

May I? >:-)

February 26, 2006 7:32 PM  
Blogger It's me, T.J. said...


I did add to my sidebar a "Terms and Definitions" column.

;+ )


February 26, 2006 9:50 PM  
Anonymous Giovanna Nigris said...



Si dice che la religione è principio della libertà. Ognuno attraverso di essa trova lo spazio per potere vedere illuminati i doveri, passando attraverso: LA COSCIENZA.

Ma allora se è così, facendo due riflessioni, ci si potrebbe chiedere quante persone davvero credenti in Dio ci sono rimaste nel mondo, se ne succedono di tutti i colori. Non si capisce più dove sono i benefici del cristianesimo, dell'ordine sociale, se è in aumento il fascino di rincorrere per simpatia la criminalità e i più sporchi criminali. Io ho sempre creduto nel cristianesimo, come garante dell'avvenire, mentre oggi vedo che si critica il riconoscimento dei Dico, contrastandoli e non si guarda al vero marciume, che distrugge e uccide esseri umani.

Si vede la pagliuzza e si nascondono le grosse travi. Tutto questo è sconcertante e umiliante, soprattutto se si pensa che oggi viene distrutta anche la sovranità dell'opinione della gente comune, occupando tutto lo spazio democratico per conto dei personaggi politici e giù di lì.

La libertà anche in Italia la si potrà limitare più o meno sempre. Elementi voluti o accidentali potranno interromperne lo sviluppo, ma qualsiasi cosa si faccia, si pensi di fare o si dica, ad essa non può essere mai negata una brillante vittoria vera finale. Un grande esempio di falsa libertà lo si può vedere visitando il seguente blog. http://oltreilbuio.blogspot.com
Un saluto a tutti.

March 13, 2007 9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I 16 years old from wisconsin and I just got a letter just like that. And I was very excited. My step dad told me that it was just a scams to get young girls and do who know what to them. Baice on the way it's worte......

How the hell did they get my imformation.... Fucking perv
TYRA BANK was talking about this very thing....

August 29, 2008 9:03 AM  

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