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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Google *heart* China...

D.T. Devareaux' blog, The Study of Revenge, has been flagged/reviewed/partially censored/blocked.

Because of:

1. sexual content

2. illegal drugs

3. poor grammar and spelling

4. pornography

5. selling AK-47's without going through e-Bay

6. wearing a turban as a diaper

7. plagiarism

8. posting bootleg videos

9. he lives in China

10. posting a cartoon of Mohammed

11. indecent avatar of himself

12. conspiracy against the United States government

13. he issued death threats

14. encourages the raping of children and women

15. torched an embassy

16. types with a lisp

ding ding ding

Your time is up.

And the answer is....


D.T. Devareaux has been *reviewed* by Blogger and his blog has been labeled as having 'offensive content'.

He posted a cartoon of Mohammed that he drew himself.

It is a very well drawn picture.

D.T. stayed between the lines and sharpened his crayolas.

Graphic? Yes.

Against the law? No.

Haven't I posted about this kind of stuff before?

(My posts about this kind of *stuff*.)

Google is into censorship these days and they are really liking how business has been going for them over in China.

They are learning the tricks of the trade.

I know. I shouldn't be talking like this about them, considering that I have a
*free* blog due to their generosity.

But look...

If we don't stand up for human rights now...

We will be wondering where ours went...

Sorry D.T. for defacing your picture.

It just seemed to "fit".



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