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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Head's Up... It's a Free Service!

I subscribe to a free alert service called ScanUSA. You can sign up online and receive various types of alerts for any area, or areas, that you submit.

For example:

I have signed up for sexual predator movement alerts. I receive an e-mail with a picture of the sexual offender and their current new address. This way I can keep tabs on who is moving around in my neck of the woods, so to speak.

A link to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections is also provided which shows what they have been convicted of as well as a physical description and other information.

What brought this up is that I got *spammed* recently by a lot of these alerts.

So I thought that I would share some of the links that I received with you guys and encourage you to sign up with ScanUsa.

A lot of these people look like regular folks.

Like the people that stand behind you in the check-out lane.

Jeremy Don Blalack

Benjamin Luke Boarts

Walter Delore Bouziden

John Arlington Brown

Robbie Eugene Cribb

Michael E. Delaughter

Forrest Allen Draper

Jared Paul Fenton

Sharon Annette Garcia

Darrin Wayne Keys

James Franklin Means

Bruce Shannon Michels

Phoung Van Nguyen

Billy Lee Williams



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