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Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Silence is Deafening...

The Constitution of the United States directly protects the freedom of speech and press so that these liberties cannot be controlled by the government or by other factions. While the press here in the U.S. enjoys these liberties they do not serve the people of this country with honor.

The American press wields their power over the people in order to profit and promote, mold and create a society that reflects their ideals and their beliefs. The press favors political candidates, writes news reports that reflect their agendas, and constantly works at swaying public opinion into the directions that it favors. The average citizen has been tricked into believing that the mainstream media is telling them the truth without bias, without slant. But this is not true.

One cannot ignore the benefits that the press has brought to the American people, but by the same token, we can no longer ignore the damage that they have done.

The evidence of political bias and self-censorship by the American mainstream media is offensive. The silence of the press on the issues it doesn't support is deafening. The press has certainly driven home to us, the American people, their lessons on political correctness.

The press is allowing a religious community to tell them what they can and cannot do. If only the news media would treat Christians with such honor and respect.

How many pictures, news stories, and slanderous insults concerning Christians have been printed, aired, and profited from? It is certainly clear that the press is anti-Christian and pro-"all other religions".

Christians are constantly being degraded and are continually accused of being intolerant. Christians aren't allowed to speak up and demand apologies. And if Christians do speak up they are again demeaned and are not heard. The press wants to suppress Christians and Christianity.

Yet when Muslims threaten the press with death, the air is silent. The press doesn't accuse them of being intolerant. Only apologies are expected out of the press' mouths and some form of retribution is expected to be paid.

A rebuttal is not heard.

Censorship has begun.


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Danish Imams Propose to End Cartoon Dispute (This link provides full size pictures of the cartoons.)

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