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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Who's Bringing the Chips?

I located my post from last night in my trash bin. It hadn't disappeared yet from my Yahoo mailbox.

What fortune!

Dear Moof has offered to help me move from Blogger to another *more stable* domain.

You know, this is a serious consideration for me.

I don't have the links in place. Maybe I will put them in...




I am unable to upload an image to Blogger at this time.


Moof provided a wonderful link in 'comments'. I think you guys should read it.

I have spent an enormous amount of time trying to catch/keep up with D.T. Devareaux's comments on his blog. With almost 200 comments, it's really hard for me to do.

Sometimes I wish that I had the talent that Moof and D.T. display.

There sure are a lot of good bloggers out there.

I got to reminiscing about the good ol' days this evening which got me to wondering/wandering.

Are my tax dollars still paying for crappy works of art? You remember... art like that crucifix in the urine photo.

I was wanting to post an image of an e-mailed copy of the letter that the Joints Chief of Staff had written to the Washington Post concerning that *awful* cartoon (of the quadriplegic bandaged soldier in the hospital bed) that Mr. Toles had drawn.

Of course, I have no way of authenticating this letter, but it looks good enough to me. And if it isn't a copy of the original... well it should be.

You guys know how I feel about posting incorrect information, but right about now I'm thinking...

What the heck... we all can't meet Mohammed's/Allah's high morals and expections.

And besides that, being the Christian infidel that I am, I might as well give up trying.

Maybe I can upload the letter later on.

So, since the letter part has been taken care of, has anyone heard of how, when, or where the death threats, bomb plans, throat slashings, and head loppings are to be executed (I presume Mr. Toles' residence?), and has anyone gotten together and planned out who will take care of which 'details'?

Details like who's in charge of the video camera and who can make the media contacts...

Being the busy single-mom that I am, I really have a hard time working on short notice.

So if the person who is in charge would just send me an e-mail, I will try to do my part.

How do cupcakes sound?



Blogger Moof said...

Welcome back TJ! :)

February 05, 2006 6:05 AM  
Blogger It's me, T.J. said...


February 05, 2006 8:21 AM  

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