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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Two Weeks Until School is Out...

The kids had their annual concert this evening. It's an annual event that is held at the end of the school year.

A way to display the kids' accomplishments for the year.

Here is Carrie warming up with the 'guys'.

This group of kids like to play electric guitars.

But I think Carrie is really just a 'groupie'.

She also plays the flute and sings in the choir.

The kids get to display their various entries that they took to the Regional and International contests.

Here's the display for Parker's science project that he made.

It made it out of regionals and placed 14th at Washington, D.C., in the international competition.

They're both growing up.



Blogger Sue said...

Sounds like a really good event. Carrie certainly looks the part of a rock chick! And Well Done to Parker.

June 09, 2006 9:24 AM  
Blogger It's me, T.J. said...


I know Carrie wants to look the part too! (But I'll keep what you said to myself Sue.)

Parker is quiet about his project, but I know that he's really proud of it. I think Parker was one of the younest competitors; competing against seniors in high school.



June 09, 2006 3:02 PM  
Blogger jakalof said...

Hey TJ,

My apologies for the long hiatis. I tried to post over here last night but the Google server was down -- thats the first time that I have encountered that one!

The science project on magnetism looks cool. Magnets are really cool. They challenge our everyday understanding of how the world works.

If I understand it, you now have 2 battery chargers?

I was going through some of your posts that I missed lately. Its funny. The general rules of thumb that you gave on the animals is what my mom always use to tell us 30 years ago. I always thought she was a little paranoid but I guess not!

Thanks for keeping the world rotating on its axis with all of your blogs. Good thing I don't have that responsibility as things could get a little wobbly and then who knows, maybe true north wouldn't be true north anymore:)


June 09, 2006 8:45 PM  
Blogger It's me, T.J. said...

Hey Jak...

Mom's are always right.



June 09, 2006 9:13 PM  

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