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Friday, July 14, 2006

Unfinished Business...

We're leaving to catch a plane here in a little bit.

I received an e-mail from Teresa at Shepherd's of Love Ministry last night, and I just can't leave without posting her immediate needs on here.

My family and I are so blessed, and with the temperatures hovering at 100 degrees Fahrenheit, I just can't leave without trying to help this lady out. Even if she doesn't have air conditioning, she needs electricity so that she can run some fans.

If anyone is so inclined to help, all the information is at the bottom of the post. Of course, you can click on the link in my sidebar for Shepherds of Love.

I personally vouch for this ministry, and they do what they say they will do.

You guys have a blessed week-end and I'll be back here...



Dear Friends,

We met a lady today who truly needs a miracle in her life. As you know we are not able to help everyone who calls but we believe God wants us to do what we can.

Betty is 33 years old, single, a dedicated Christian,
who lives with a Gastric Pacemaker and Diabetes.
She lives on $600.00 a month and $140.00 in food
stamps. Her rents is $522.00 leaving her $78.00. Her parents assist her with other needs.

21 months ago she made a special arrangement with
OGE and due to her illness they agreed to accept
whatever payments Betty could make. Now because
she is so far behind they want the entire amount
by July 21 st or her electicity will be shut off.

She has called churches and other ministries for over
two weeks seeking help but because her bill is so high they will not even speak with her. Today was different for her because we took the time to listen
to her worries and fear. We belive God wants us to
raise this money as a blessing to Betty.

The amount is $1530.00. I know this is big but our
God owns it all and this is nothing to Him. It is our
prayer that you will pray and make a donation of any size so we can keep her electricity on and restore her hope.

Can you imagine living on $600.00? I cannot.
Imagine having no air conditioning or electricity!
Betty is just one of hundreds in our city who need
help. Donations are down and this is why we are asking many of you by email.

WE believe Betty is the one God wants us to fight for.

If you feel so lead please make a check to:
Shepherds of Love
Po Box 5043
Edmond, Ok 73083
Memo Line of your ck: Betty/OGE

As your pledges come in we will contact OGE and
we will pay directly to OGE.

All For Him,
Teresa Rountree & Lisa Summers

Questions: email or call (405) 348-5195

tkrountree (at) sbcglobal (dot) net


Anonymous wolfbaby said...

you have a good heart T.J.

enjoy your vacation!!!

July 14, 2006 8:35 PM  

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