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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ice Storm 2007 Update...

The news tonight reported that three people have died due to the weather and that about 90,000 people are without electricity.

I've checked in with all of my Oklahoma blogging buddies and it looks like everyone has updated during all of this weather...

Indicating that at least they are all still "okay".

My Neighbor Sue and I have been corresponding back and forth via e-mail and all is well across the street.

I know of one other person (who shall remain nameless) that is having a fairly miserable week-end that isn't entirely weather related. But at least they're healthy, warm, and safe as well. This too will soon pass.

So all in all it's all good news.

The Lord has answered prayers that have been offered up by thousands of people. Things could have been so much worse.

I am praying that those who are without electricity are safe and warm.

I pray for the families that are in mourning.

And I'll continue to pray that this coming wave of weather will not cause any more harm or damage to property or life.

Here where I'm at...

Most of our precipitation has been frozen. Mostly ice pellets and sleet.

We've gone through two separate storm systems so far with the next one due in here in a few hours.

The forecasters feel that it should pretty much be over for us here in central Oklahoma by noon on Sunday.

That's good.

Mom and Dad are expecting some freezing rain in the Hill Country of Texas.

So I'm praying that they'll be okay as well.

I have pretty much completed my five to seven minute oral report. All that is left is proof reading, grammatical corrections, and polishing with a few illustrations.

This kind of weather is conducive to keeping my nose to the academic grindstone.

It has also convinced me that I really need to save up for some new windows.


I did have to go into work for a little bit today.

And that went okay as well.


Everybody have a great Sunday!

I trust that I'll be catching you back here...




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