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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Welcomed Anonymous Comment...

Some of you may remember the blogging community who remembered each of 2996 people who died on September 11th.

I had joined the group of bloggers and wrote this post, "2996 Tribute" ~ Remembering Patrice Braut ~

I was unable to find very much information about Patrice.

Tonight I have had a visitor stop by that post and leave this comment:

I can add some info for you. I worked with Patrice at MMC. I first met Patrice when I was a new hire, in 1997. There were two teams, ours, which was web application development, and the team that Patrice was on, which was a support group of some kind. Since there were only 8 of us total between two groups, we became fast friends. A funny story about Patrice was that he had to return to Brussels to straighten out some immigration issues. On the Monday he was supposed to come back to work, there was no Patrice. A few hours later, we received word that there was a problem with his visa and they were working it out. This went on for about a month or two but we always held a spot for him and eventually, he did return. When he finally did make it back, his reaction was as if he had just been away for the weekend. We all remarked that he handled it very well, which went along with his very cool demeanor. Patrice never got worked up or excited, he had a very patient methodical way of working things out. The last converations we had were of home ownership, he was interested in buying a house and as I had just purchased one myself, he had a lot of questions. One thing you could always appreciate about Patrice is that he would listen to what you had to say. What the real shame here is, not only with Patrice, you had a lot of people from other countries just starting their lives here in America. Good people looking to further their career, buy homes and start familes. Unfortunately for someone like Patrice, with no other living siblings, his blood line stopped on 9/11. Who will know of the Brauts 100 years from now without descendants? Very sobering thought. Thanks for your blog and for allowing us to comment.

And I thank you so very much for sharing.


Never Forget...




Blogger Pattie said...

Those last few lines made me feel so sad.
How nice though that someone took the time to tell you a little more about this man.

January 25, 2007 12:41 PM  
Anonymous wolfbaby said...

That was awefully neat someone took the time to tell you this stuff.

January 28, 2007 11:48 AM  

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