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Monday, April 23, 2007

E-mail Request for Help...

From time to time I have posted requests that I have received via e-mail.

I receive e-mails for prayer requests to actual physical needs...

Each and every one of them are important.

And I always try to help however I am able to.

Tonight I have received a special e-mail request from Shepherd's of Love Ministries.

I thought that I would post the information here.

We are a community.

And a kind and giving community at that.

I won't post the telephone numbers from the e-mail here, but I will provide the address in case you want to get in touch with Teresa or want to send funds to help this man.

Dear Shepherds of Love friends,

We have a special need and would like you to consider helping us raise $1835.00 to restore hot water for our Viet Nam Vet.

Here is the situation: Our client has been without hot water and heat for a year. He has gas pipe leaks under his home and the gas company pulled the meter. He lived last year without heat and his cooking stove. He lives on $900.00 a month, has a $300 house payment, utilities and 25 medications to purchase through the VA. He has Agent Orange disease and Colon cancer.

Shepherds of Love sent our personal plumber there to check out the problems and present us with a solution. My husband Max who is in construction management has discussed this with the plumbing company and he will personally oversee the repairs.

Needs are: All leaks need to be repaired under the house, the hot water tank has been setting in water in the basement and must be replaced and relocated in the kitchen. He needs faucet replacements on the old bath tub in order to use the bathing equipment provided through the VA.

Financial Needs to restore gas:
Gas Permit/repair all leaks, relocate & replace hot water tank/vents etc/install handicap faucets in tub/ Total Cost: $1835.00

We have $600.00 pledged leaving a need of $1235.00.

You guys know that I trust this organization and that I personally send financial support to their ministry.

Here's their information if you want to send money to help with this large project:

Shepherds of Love Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 5043
Edmond, Oklahoma 73083-5043

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