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Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Nice Day...

NASA Sunspot Number Prediction

Today's weather was absolutely perfect.

The temperature was perfect.

The light breezes were perfect.

And the sunshine was perfect.

My grass was knee high in places. It was needing to be mowed in a bad way.

No, I haven't gotten behind on my mowing because I was too busy at work, or because of huge research papers at school, or even because I was studying for finals.

In anticipation of a wetter spring than what we have had the last two years, I had put out some grass seed to help fill in the spots where grass had died from the multi-year drought that we have been experiencing.

We're due for an increase of sunspots in this next 11 year cycle of the sun.

Which could mean more rain for us.

Australian weathermen watch sunspots to help them with their rain predictions.

I suspect that the upcoming sunspots are going to cause problems for the charting of global warming changes. We've already just came out of the 5th most frozen winter in Oklahoma history.

My seed received their first good watering with over 5 inches of rain. The rain washed a lot of my seed away and instead of being evenly spread throughout the bare patches it was washed into clumps.

Because it was so wet I didn't get the yard mowed before the seed sprouted. Then the grass seed sprouted and I couldn't mow because it would kill the tender sprouts.

Even though the seeds didn't sprout exactly where I had wanted them to, I was bound and determined to at least salvage as much of the situation as possible.

More rain came.

The grass continued to grow and so did the seedlings.

Today I had decided that I was going to have to mow the yard, irregardless of how much the seedlings had grown.

The grass had become so tall that it was beginning to look like I was going to need to bring in a swather and bale the cuttings for hay.

Not only that, I was beginning to fear for my baby grass because it was being overshadowed and cut off from the sunshine.

The seedlings were just going to have to endure some trampling today from me and my mower.

Before the neighbors arrived en masse to do it for me.



Thanks Lynn for offering to mow my yard for me.

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