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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Busy Week-End...

I have been so busy with schoolwork that I haven't been able to keep up with things around the house like I should have been.

One thing that has been "let go" is the yard. While we have kept the yard mown and the grass generally under control, the little things have been left undone.

This week-end my goal was to edge the yard. While some may not think that this is a huge undertaking it was quite a challenge since this aspect of lawn care has been ingnored here at my house. We also live on a 1/4 acre corner lot, so we have quite a bit of curb between us and the street.

We have been blessed with drought breaking rains and so the grass has really grown. The runners from the Bermuda grass had literally hidden my curb and had taken root in the dirt against the curb and the street.

Yes... my yard had extended itself beyond its normal boundaries and my section of the street was actually turning into turf. Also, my front sidewalk resembled a narrow path and the grass was jumping its boundaries into the flower beds as well.

I worked until the last minute yesterday afternoon because I was due at work at 4:30 to do some ultrasounds.

I took a much needed shower and went to work. I then left work and attended the season's last game of the OKC Yard Dawgz. Just before half-time I went upstairs and got to talk on the radio with Mike Frazer about ultrasounds. My work is a sponsor of the team and so we get some air time when the team plays. Mike is the "voice of the Yard Dawgz" and announces the play-by-play radio broadcast live on KTOK radio.

After the game we went and had a few drinks with Mike.

mmm... Frozen Margaritas!

By the way, Mike is a very generous host.

Of course, it was very, very late when I got home last night. I slept in by quite a bit this morning.

I got up and started working on edging the driveway, the other sidewalk and flower beds. I also have a pecan tree by the driveway and there were a lot of limbs that were hanging so low that they were laying on top of my car. To walk to the door of the house it was like walking through a giant shrub.

So I trimmed a bunch of tree limbs as well and got them bundled up so they can go out with the trash. All in all I scraped up several hundred pounds of dirt and grass from around my curb and I now have quite a pile of bundled tree limbs.

Needless to say, my hands are very sore and tired this evening from the strenous two day work out they have gotten. I can feel my hands complaining now while I type.

Working outside this week-end was also like working out in a sauna. It has been really humid and today was certainly more humid than yesterday.

But I have quite a sense of accomplishment and feel really good "internally".

Of course, the margaritas could have more to do with my sense of well-being than the strenous physical labor and gallons of sweat that streamed from my pores.

Maybe I should do this more often.

The margaritas that is.


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