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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Two Guinea Chicks...

Two Guinea Chicks
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I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving Holiday.

We had some "not-so-nice" weather here with a lot of cold wind and rain. It was really bad for the new kid goats that were being born out in it.

We spent nearly the entire time slopping through the mud and rain looking for wet newborns, then dragging the nannies and the kids underneath the barn so that the babies could be placed under heat lamps to dry off and warm up.

We lost quite a few kids due to hypothermia.

Carrie and Parker were able to see the birthing of several kid goats for the first time. Having seen many animals being born from a much earlier age than they are I think that it made quite a big impact on them both.

Even though I have witnessed the birthing process many times, there's something about the miracle of birth that is still mind boggling to human reasoning. While watching the kid goats being born my mind could not escape the thought of thousands of human babies that are aborted every year in this country. I just cannot wrap my mind around the excuses (yes, I said excuses) that people use to support and allow such a practice on normal, healthy babies.

As I looked at the lifeless bodies of the adorable kid goats I wondered...

How could anyone be in the abortion business?

There is already a frailty in life that none of us will be able to escape...

Death comes to everyone eventually.

The picture was taken a few weeks ago of some Guinea chicks that were hatched out. Those silly Guinea hens were still laying and sitting on eggs this late in the year. Mom gathered the hatchlings all up and brought them into the house so that they could be under a light for about 10 days. She then moved them out to the barn into a little pen with a light out there.

Aren't they adorable?

When they're grown they won't be near this cute and "innocent" looking.

Maybe that's how some people can support and perform abortions on healthy babies.

They look in the mirror every day and reflect on their inner souls and think that everyone else in this world grew up to be just like them...

...unhappy and miserable.


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