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Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Night Won't Save Anyone...

The wind moaned and the trailer house creaked. Another Oklahoma thunderstorm was battering our senses. A frequent experience rated somewhere between thrilling and mortifying.

My two youngster's voices became quieter as the storm became louder. Then the lights flickered. Eyes turned to mine, wide-eyed and questioning... not frightened.

Not yet.

And then the lights went completely out. Darkness rushed out of the corners and filled the room.

Alone with two small children... I felt like I was adrift in heavy seas. A feeling that became too familiar as our lives progressed.

Looking for candles. Light the match. Locate the flashlight. How is dinner going to turn out now?

Oh my... I hear their little voices no more.

Night's Darkness brought its friend Fear with it.

"This is just like camping.", I said confidently.

"Now we can pretend we're camping!"

Interjections from the tiny voices soon erupted. Imaginations had changed direction. Good.

To be strong in the face of Night's Darkness... to do this every day... to always be there for everyone else.

I have to ask...

Who will be there for me?

Night won't save anyone.



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