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Friday, October 28, 2005

A Request for Help...

I received an e-mail from Teresa at Shepherds of Love Ministries. She is asking for immediate financial help for someone in need. If anyone can help, please contact Teresa through the Shepherds of Love link in my sidebar. Below is an excerpt from the e-mail.

S____, age 41, has one 2 year old son, lost her job of 2 years in August after the family owned business went under. She began attending Radiology School pd for by the DHS but had to stop because of her unemployment checks which are $280.00 a week. DHS will no longer
pay for her schooling. DHS also removed Tanif and reduced her $250.00 food stamps to $40.00.

She wants to apply for a PELL grant to complete her training but right now has to focus on
her immediate needs. She got help for her utilities but needs OCT rent money $619.00 to
keep from being evicited on 11-06-05. Her landlord will allow her to work out payments on
the Nov. Rent as she believes she will have a part time job very soon.

We need your help if God so leads you.

Could you assist us with any part of their Rent? $619.00
We just received $300.00 from one donor and need $319.00 more.

If you can help us would you please email me back. We believe this lady truly needs a touch from Jesus.

As I have stated before, Shepherds of Love Ministry is there to help those who have nowhere else to turn.



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