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Saturday, December 17, 2005

It's a Week Before Christmas...

My neighbor Sue is so sweet. She sent a Christmas card, a handmade beaded butterfly, and ~wonderful and tasty~ homemade fudge across the street to us.

I know that she is a very busy lady and has a lot to do.

Although I do wonder if her profferings aren't motivated due to some form of "guilt"?


Sue makes me feel so inadequate as a neighbor in so many ways.

Thank you Sue for the wonderful gifts!

With basketball games early this morning and an echocardiogram and abdominal study this afternoon, I have declined to do much else today.

(I have always wanted to say something like that.)

The kids and I sat down and watched a movie this misty, drizzly, rainy -wants to turn to snow- evening.

Other than running a few loads of laundry I have done much else.

Some news for those who are following/chasing the tails/tales of my wayward cat.

Another piece of the puzzle concerning my cat has arrived via e-mail.

In the body of the communique` was a hint that perhaps this ring of bandits/thieves/ne'er-do-wells could be getting very close to becoming a statewide underground organization.

It also implied that my cat may be in danger of being transported to another undisclosed location.


Just when I am "almost" confident that I have the current location of the crime scenes figured out.

With this new information and evidence, perhaps I could entice the OSBI to take a look into my case.

This latest photo also reveals that there is a new "player" involved in the crime ring.

This piece of evidence could be just enough evidence to tip the scales in my favor.



Blogger Moof said...

T.J..... and how long have you HAD these delusions about that nice little kitty belonging to you?



December 18, 2005 9:03 PM  

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